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Our Team understands accounts receivable backlog is made up of small balance accounts. After a period of time, these apparently low-priority claims can add up and become a bigger issue than they ever should have been. Normally all will focus on the high-priority accounts constantly, you can’t afford to allow a small collection of small balances, negative accounts to grow, which could ultimately require much time and resources to manage this will be big challenge in daily operations.

At Columbus healthcare services we take the responsibility of cleaning up your backlog. Not only have we managed your cleanup projects our experienced professional will ensure each backlog is cleaned up with the utmost efficiency and that you are paid in a timely manner.

By cleaning up your old accounts, it allows you to have the time to concentrate on the high-dollar value claims that require your time every day. Also it reduces accounts receivable days as you particularly focus on daily accounts. We all know that efficient AR team will increase the revenue of practice and maintain the practice in profitable.

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