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At Columbus healthcare we understand each healthcare practice is unique, so we develop management reporting to fit your particular needs. We analysis of your financial activity customized to address the particular demands and attributes of your practice. Reporting helps you make better decisions by gaining a clear picture of your financial performance. Our team will deliver you custom reports as you needed. By using our experienced team you can track your performance and make better decisions by our reports


The management reporting can be expressed broadly as reports that management uses to run the organization, make business decisions, and monitor progress Management reports contain financial and operational reports on a small part of the business. It also contains complex and involved reports like the P&L document, accounts receivable aging, etc…

It’s the report form business intelligence team. Management reports contain performance data and analysis.


  • Understand your situation, health and what you should do next.
  • Supervise specific performance metrics and KPIs.
  • Determine benchmarks.
  • Ensure better communication between stakeholders, colleagues, and executives.
  • Force you to have an action plan.
  • Watch performance frequently.

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