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We provide full revenue cycle services to Hospitals and providers that helps to reduce the overhead cost, increased in collection, streamline the process, maintaining accuracy in coding and quick Turnaround time.

Hospital Billing


Hospital billing is different from physician billing we will to bill the claims for both in-patient and out-patient services provided by hospitals or healthcare organizations. It is also called as institutional billing. Also it included the claims to bill for the services which rendered by skilled nursing facility and medical facilities such as lab services, medical equipment and supplies, and radiology, etc here we uses the UB-04 or 837-I form as claim form, it is complicated process but our experienced professional will handle in right way to get collected from insurance on time with increased revenue.

Physician Billing

Physician billing is nothing but professional billing to bill the claims to get paid for the medical services provided by the physicians/doctors or healthcare providers to patients here we use CMS-1500 or 837-P. Physician billing is process that involves like scheduling appointments, Verifying eligibility, check-in and registration, and payment collections from insurance & patient as well. It also includes both in-patient and out-patient all services will be billed according to the insurance policies of the patient of total revenue cycle management process, our certified staffs will do accurate coding and bill claims to appropriate insurance on correct time and get paid faster. Also we will post the payment and reconcile the deposits to you on every day.