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We provide full revenue cycle services to software companies by using their practice management system that helps to reduce the overhead cost, increased in collection, streamline the process, maintaining accuracy in coding and quick Turnaround time. will Act as your extension.

We also offer complete Account Management by talking to your clients and providers on your behalf. We have been experience in handling 25+ EHR  and maintain all your clients revenue cycle management services at profitability. will able to provide all the reports to clients at their requirement.

How we help EHR Companies


It is important to focus on core skills and work more in delivering results and focus your EHR platform and you can constantly increase your client base, while we take care of your client’s Billing business.


Most clients will expect all our work under one company, So as an EHR company if you do not offer billing services its most disappointed to your potential customers, which means there is consistent revenue loss. We are here to help you as a billing company at your back end or your extended unit, you can be more profitable by outsourcing to us, at the same time you can save 40%-50% from your operational cost.