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Credit Balance is nothing but the overpayments received in addition to the claims. It is the excess payment made incorrectly by the insurance companies or by the patient to the providers.

Accounts with high credit balances do not provide the accurate financial health of the organization. It is not the “extra amount” to the services. Credit Balance will create the bad image of total healthcare revenue cycle services and the company’s book of records. Reconciling and refunding the extra incorrect amounts is more difficult.


At Columbus healthcare services our experienced professionals will carefully reconcile and refund the extra payment made by patients and insurance companies on timely manner according to the regulations, and it avoids the litigation and fine also provides the exact profitability picture of Providers. At the same time all your staffs can focus on providing extra patients care

Patient Credit Balance

Each patient account credit balance is analyzed accurately and a refund check is issued to zero out the balance.

Credit Balance With Payers

Refunds should be processed according to insurance allowed time from the date of refund letter our staffs ensure each letter is valid, then we process the refund and, if it’s invalid, we talk with insurance live representatives to cancel the invalid request.

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